‘Gas can mom’ post updated with video

4 thoughts on “‘Gas can mom’ post updated with video”

  1. I saw almost the same thing on the news myself, and I honestly don’t know what to think PT. Do you think she’s being unfairly attacked? After watching her, I must admit to feeling somewhat sympathetic.

    1. Given all the citations she got, I don’t feel much sympathy. Nobody in the car was buckled up, and two of the three were old enough to know better. Sure, a toddler might wiggle out of his seat if not taught not to, but there was also the illegal turn, the driving without insurance, and the uncapped gas can. Plus, one report mentioned several past run-ins with police. Maybe not relevant, but responsible adults I know don’t keep getting crosswise with the police. I think she’s trying to snow everybody.

  2. Saw this, too! It just gets better!
    Yeah, she’s familiar with the local cops
    But there’s an excuse for everything! (It’s so not my fault – my mom and teacher said so. I’m a winner! I need a do-over. Misspoke occasionally, but only if caught! My childhood….this kid won’t listen (and I’m helpless parent) …Look an athlete on steroids! Over there….)

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