Colorado ballot to feature 17 presidential candidates

5 thoughts on “Colorado ballot to feature 17 presidential candidates”

  1. I think they need to rename these parties so that people can understand what they actually mean.

    * The sort of conservative moderately moderate unliberal party.
    * The moderately unmoderate occasionally fanatical anti-government party.
    * The highly conservative fascist white-people party.
    * The ultra-liberal left wing socialist give me your stuff party.
    * The ultra-conservative right wing destroy liberals party.
    * The mega-Christian anti-anti Christian I’m better than you party.
    * The moderately liberal left leaning sort of conservative unparty party.
    * The undecided sort of everything flip-flop party.
    * The anti-Sesame Street non-Republican party.
    * The pro-Sesame Street conservative party.
    * The ultra-gay ultra-conservative self-hatred party.
    * The highly agnostic anti-religion in government moderate party.
    * The cynical anti-everything fire everyone party.
    * The anti-conservative conservative anti-gay left right leaning party.
    * The ultra-liberal peace and love anti-moderate anti-conservative party.
    * The anti-nothing moderate uncaring unvoting acceptance party.

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