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Colorado ballot to feature 17 presidential candidates

Colorado flagThere will be 17 presidential candidates listed on the Colorado ballot November 6, or 16 if you don’t count Randall Terry, who is eligible for write-in votes. This ties (or beats by 1) Colorado’s 2008 ballot.

Terry, the well-known anti-abortion activist, is running as an Independent/Republican, which apparently is something different from both the Republican and the Independent parties. Also of note on the ballot is Roseanne Barr (yes, that Roseanne), running as the Peace and Freedom party’s candidate.

Isn’t American great? Virtually anyone can run for president — in Colorado anyway. The state has the dubious distinction, once again, of having the longest presidential ballot in the country.

Unlike 2008, there are no HeartQuake, U.S. Pacifist, America’s Independent, Prohibition, or Boston Tea candidates. The parties represented this year are:

ACN=American Constitution Party
AMP=America’s Party
ATP=American Third Position
DEM=Democratic Party
GRN=Green Party
IRE=Independent / Republican
JUS=Justice Party
LIB=Libertarian Party
OBJ=Objectivist Party
PAF=Peace and Freedom
REP=Republican Party
SEP=Socialist Equality Party
SLB=Socialism and Liberation
SPU=Socialist Party USA
SWP=Socialist Workers Party
WTP=We the People

And the candidates are:

Virgil H. Goode Jr., ACN
Barack Obama, DEM
Mitt Romney, REP
Gary Johnson, LIB
Jill Stein, GRN
Stewart Alexander, SPU
Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson, JUS
Roseanne Barr, PAF
James Harris SWP
Tom Hoefling, AMP
Gloria La Riva, SLB
Merlin Miller, ATP
Jill Reed, UNA
Thomas Robert Stevens, OBJ
Sheila “Samm” Tittle, WTP
Jerry White, SEP
Randall Terry, IRE

For a detailed list of the candidates, their addresses, and their vice presidential running mates, see the official Colorado candidate list, a .pdf document.

While it’s interesting to see all these names on the Colorado ballot, it is also worrisome. If these candidates, none of whom has a chance of winning, garnered a total of several thousand votes, they could conceivably affect the outcome of an extremely close Obama-Romney contest for the state’s 9 electors.

5 thoughts on “Colorado ballot to feature 17 presidential candidates

  1. I think they need to rename these parties so that people can understand what they actually mean.

    * The sort of conservative moderately moderate unliberal party.
    * The moderately unmoderate occasionally fanatical anti-government party.
    * The highly conservative fascist white-people party.
    * The ultra-liberal left wing socialist give me your stuff party.
    * The ultra-conservative right wing destroy liberals party.
    * The mega-Christian anti-anti Christian I’m better than you party.
    * The moderately liberal left leaning sort of conservative unparty party.
    * The undecided sort of everything flip-flop party.
    * The anti-Sesame Street non-Republican party.
    * The pro-Sesame Street conservative party.
    * The ultra-gay ultra-conservative self-hatred party.
    * The highly agnostic anti-religion in government moderate party.
    * The cynical anti-everything fire everyone party.
    * The anti-conservative conservative anti-gay left right leaning party.
    * The ultra-liberal peace and love anti-moderate anti-conservative party.
    * The anti-nothing moderate uncaring unvoting acceptance party.

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