Oklahoma: Two anti-abortion laws struck down

Photo: Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images

Photo: Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images

The election may be over, but the fight to preserve women’s abortion rights goes on. The Oklahoma Supreme Court has struck down two state laws intended to restrict those rights. One would have required women to have and view the image from an ultrasound before being allowed an abortion and the other would have restricted the off-label use of certain abortion-inducing drugs. It’s the third time this year the Oklahoma justices have struck down an anti-abortion law because it went against the Supreme Court’s ruling that women have a constitutional right to abortion.

Categories: abortion, Constitution, Health, Law, Supreme Court, war on women

4 replies

  1. Good for the Oklahoma Supreme Court PT. Let’s hope they keep doing the right thing. I’m sure they’re under tremendous pressure from the right wing!

    • The OK legislature has been spinning out anti-abortion laws as fast as they can write them, throwing them against the wall hoping something will stick. Apparently they think quantity, not quality, is the way to go.

  2. Hooray for the Oklahoma justices. Sooner or later one would think those throwbacks in state legislatures would get the message, but it seems right now later is more likely.

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