President should be in DC, not Michigan

President Obama is in Michigan today to support the union effort against an impending right-to-work law. What!? He belongs in Washington 24/7 right now, working on a budget deal with John Boehner and the Republicans. He has no business messing in state politics, especially not this month.   

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  1. …I would think he’d be able to last only so long in an empty room. A quick break to meet with human beings might be just what he needs right now, give him a fresh perspective, remind him that human beings are more than intractable ideologues who lost the meaning of compromise in Dick Armey’s living room.

  2. I’m running behind in reading – but so agree with this post…..and maybe he could get out of the house and stun people by walking in their offices on the hill – other presidents did to help broker deals – or haul them all in a room and lock the door like you said above ( works to elect popes – and that’s always been serious politics)

  3. I will agree. First thing I thought was that the election is over. What the hell is he doing in Michigan? Maybe he needed a break from Boehner’s crying…. (kidding… sort of)

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." ~ Edmund Burke

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