President should be in DC, not Michigan

9 thoughts on “President should be in DC, not Michigan”

  1. …I would think he’d be able to last only so long in an empty room. A quick break to meet with human beings might be just what he needs right now, give him a fresh perspective, remind him that human beings are more than intractable ideologues who lost the meaning of compromise in Dick Armey’s living room.

  2. I’m running behind in reading – but so agree with this post…..and maybe he could get out of the house and stun people by walking in their offices on the hill – other presidents did to help broker deals – or haul them all in a room and lock the door like you said above ( works to elect popes – and that’s always been serious politics)

      1. And that’s exactly why they will probably end up pushing through some half-assed piece of legislation that none have them have even read. Gotta get home (again) for Christmas! Like that’s more important than doing the right thing for the country (which happens to be what we’re paying them to do).

      2. the stalling is a strategy.
        How stupid are we to allow this to repeatedly happen?
        Why don’t their families just go there? Lots of people who work don’t make it home when there’s a crisis of work that must be done.
        Oh, sorry I forgot this is their career not a honor and a heavy responsibility they are entrusted with….that must have been fiction, I read. Not history.

  3. I will agree. First thing I thought was that the election is over. What the hell is he doing in Michigan? Maybe he needed a break from Boehner’s crying…. (kidding… sort of)

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