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Google street view solves crop pattern mystery

It occurred to me belatedly to check out Google’s street views near that mysterious patterned field I wrote about a few days ago. Fortuitously — or maybe it’s planned that way — the street view was shot at the same time of year as the satellite images.

In the first shot (click to embiggen), it’s obvious that there is playground equipment in the foreground, pumpkins for sale in the midground, and a cornfield in the background. (And yes, I saw the porta potties.)


And in the second we find out what the patterns are all about.


A “zombie paintball massacre.” Who wouldn’t love paintball out in a cornfield?

A “haunted field of screams.” I’ll bet they have people stationed in there to jump out and scare anyone brave enough to venture in. A clever outdoor take on a haunted house.

I can’t make out the red lettering on the third sign. There’s a ghost peering out of a cornfield with a Halloween moon above, but I can’t tell what the sign says. Too bad. I’d love to know what else goes on in that cornfield.

And finally, a “crazed corn field maze.” Well, that much we’d pretty well figured out.

All in all, a creative, fun way to take advantage of a post-season cornfield and maybe make a little extra money in the process.

Wait. More questions answered. I just found their website.

Google can be so much fun.


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