We are broken … but not forever

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    1. Wiser about such threats, I think. Other threats, other challenges? Who can say? And yes, we will be changed, although I’m not sure how. I hope it will be for the better.

  1. Well written and fairly presented with both sides included. I also hope the world emerges from this crisis with a better view of everything and with a commitment to change things for the better of all. But I’m not too optimistic. I hope to be proven wrong.

    1. I’m not particularly optimistic either. So much has been dividing our country in recent years. We seem unable to find and unite against a common enemy.

  2. I agree also. There are many people that will probably get sick now from their eagerness to get back out there. I’m sad about that, but I guess they would rather take their chances on sickness vs. whatever it’s like for them at home. I dare say they aren’t able to cope as well as you and I are. I just want to stay alive a few more years.

  3. I see both sides of the issue here, for sure. I work for a small company. Salaried and so far lucky my owner/boss has been able to pay my salary. But we work in tourism….. Meeting planners for corporate meetings, conventions, incentive trips, etc. Which we are working on events further down the road – September and later. But without events going on now, then there’s no money coming in. I know the owner applied for a small business payroll protection type of loan, and still waiting to hear back from the bank on that. I’m terrified. I don’t have any other income. I’m the only programmer so I’m fairly high up on the “need” ladder, but that’s no guarantee.

    trump so handled this wrong. Those countries who closed their borders early are now opening back up and their numbers are so much better than other countries. I firmly believe that had anyone else been president, regardless of party affiliation, it would have been handled much differently, and all numbers would be considerably better than they are now.

    Never put an infant in place of a man’s job.

    1. I have several friends in similar situations and it breaks my heart. All I have to do is think of my working years and what suddenly losing my job would have done to me. No second income, no savings, no hope of another job in that market. I wish I could give you a hug. I wish I could do a lot more than that.

      We have an idiot child, a megalomaniac in the White House during perhaps the biggest crisis this country has faced in my lifetime. Anybody — anybody — else could have done a better job, if only by stepping aside and letting the medical experts take over.

      Hang in there, Michelle. You are smart and resilient and I know you can get through this.

      1. Thanks. Just found out Friday that I will no longer be salaried but change to hourly and only for “work critical.” However, I am an independent contractor and I do qualify for the PPP Loan, which opens back up on Monday, 10:30 ET. I already have my paperwork done and will call my bank at 9:30 am when they open and see if I can come in immediately. They are allowing people in by appointment only. I expect the funds to run out quickly so I must get in early Monday. Wish me luck. Things like this usually don’t go in my favor.

    1. Now that you mention it, I should have included that I’m lucky to have received a decent education so that I can better understand what’s going on.

      You and yours also take care and stay well.

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