Solace in stone

Rock balancing artist Michael Grab (aka “Gravity Glue”) lives in Boulder, Colo. He built these ten balanced rock towers last week as a memorial to the ten victims of the shooting in Boulder. Combined with the soothing, natural sounds of Boulder Creek, it provides solace to all who visit — if it is still standing. As is the practice of such artists, these towers will be dismantled in a few days and the stones returned to their place in the stream. You can see and listen to this lovely memorial on Facebook.

See more of Grab’s work at

And more about this memorial on Denver’s KDVR:

Note, March 31: The towers, like the individuals they honored, are gone now. The artist dismantled them for fear they would topple in high winds and possibly injure someone or some creature.

6 thoughts on “Solace in stone

  1. This was such a neat post to see this morning! What a talent/ability/eye he has. Watched the first right away & listened to the longer one getting ready for work. The Park discourages new cairns; they detract from & are confused with the authentic Ute artifacts. But his work is not stacking. It is art and is truly a gift. A special memorial – far surpassing “the fence.” Thanks for sharing it today–

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