The love of books

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  1. Books are amazingly neat, but I find myself lately being quite happy reading things on my Kindle. I’ve only about 30 or 40 books now, but I have over 250 on the Kindle. It means I can take almost my entire library with me, even if it is a bit eggs-in-basket.

    You might want to read this wonderful article by Roger Ebert on the topic:
    That’s part of the problem … people don’t have as much room for books as they used to, so e-books are a big help. I know you cherish your Kindle. I’m still addicted to the smell of ink and glue, the feel of the stock, the design and layout of the pages, the fonts and typographical devices employed, how well the art is handled. You work in the business long enough, you can’t help noticing those things.

    Loved the Ebert piece. Thanks for that. It was delicious reading, so much like when I was in school at about the same time. Comments were interesting too, but I was getting too bleary eyed to finish them.

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