Don’t let the Senate ban abortion coverage

3 thoughts on “Don’t let the Senate ban abortion coverage”

  1. Personally, I think the Stupak Amendment is a bit of political brilliance. And I am a fierce supporter of abortion rights. Don’t be too concerned. Let’s get the healthcare bill passed, let’s get it implemented and let it become popular — and then we can go back and smooth out the rough edges.
    I disagree. Passing flawed legislation and trying to “fix” it later with more legislation is exactly how we got the screwed up mess we have today. Passing anything just so you can say you passed something is a political ploy, not a solution. Let’s not make a bad situation worse; let’s get it right this time. Selling out women’s abortion rights is not getting it right.

  2. Thanks for your post. We need to make sure our representatives in Washington know that they should not play politics with our bodies.
    Thanks for stopping by. If I can get even one other person to write to Washington, this post will have been worthwhile.

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