Tail starting to wag the dog in U.S.

6 thoughts on “Tail starting to wag the dog in U.S.”

  1. Well, I’m just insulted. You forgot Italian-Americans on Columbus Day. Oh, wait, offensive to Native Americans. *rolls eyes*

    You know, I’m pretty liberal. Progressive, even. Celebrate diversity. Enjoy multiculturalism. Be a citizen of the world. But that kid needs to go back to Mexico if it’s that important to her.
    Actually, I had Italian-Americans and Columbus Day in one of my drafts. But the paragraph got so ridiculously long (Vietnamese-Americans and Tet, British-Americans and Boxing Day, Swedish-Americans and St. Lucy’s Day, etc.) that I had to make some cuts. Sorry ’bout that. You’ll get top billing next time.

    Yes, that girl really ticked me off. Could you tell?

  2. I just can’t help thing there’s more to this story than meets the eye here. I can’t imagine this scenario playing out the way it was decribed. Then again… who knows. I started a bit of debate on my facebook page about this subject when I mentioned that I was impressed with the Pheonix Suns statement on Tuesday night when they wore the ‘Los Suns” jerseys. Like so many polarizing issues, the middle ground, i.e. reasonable, is getting paved over by racists on one side, lunatics on the other.
    I’d go read what you said, but I closed my FB account recently. I can’t imagine what the Suns could have said that made those jerseys okay in such a a volatile, polarized environment. Personally, I think sports teams should stick to sports.

    I dunno if I’m a racist or a lunatic or somewhere in between. I’ve always thought it was reasonable to expect people to obey the law and treat each other with respect. But then, I’m terribly old-fashioned …

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