Cafferty read my comment on the air — and I missed it!

Jack Cafferty does several brief commentaries on CNN every afternoon, and at the end of each, invites comments from viewers. About 50 minutes later, he reads some of the comments on the air (presumably those he or his staff like best).

At 4 pm (MDT) today, he was talking about the big oil spill in the Gulf and ended with the question: What should U.S. policy be when it comes to offshore oil drilling?

I dashed off the reply: What should our policy be? No new offshore drilling. Period. Plus, the imposition of new and very stringent standards for the continuing operation of all existing wells.

Although I was logged in as “Pied Type,” I added the signature “Sarah, Denver” because they ask you to say where you’re from and they don’t read weird names like “Pied Type” on the air. (The comments Cafferty read are listed near the top of the page, but if you scroll down through all the comments you’ll also see my comment with the Pied Type login.)

They throw up a graphic with the text of your comment when Cafferty reads it.

The sad part of all this? I was on the phone with my son, not paying attention to the muted TV, when Cafferty read my comment live on national television!

I’m so disappointed. Maybe if I scour the CNN site, I can find a video. Or maybe they’ll provide one if I ask. Or maybe somebody out there was recording it and would sent me a link or something (hint, hint). Maybe it will be on YouTube.

My words were read on national TV and I missed it!!

6 thoughts on “Cafferty read my comment on the air — and I missed it!

  1. Mannnn… Sorry you missed it. Sorry *I* missed it. Harumph. But you know, I’ll bet a lot of other people heard it. Maybe your favorite Alaskan heard it, and she’s having apoplexy right this very second. Hey, a gal can dream.
    The pinnacle of my career, circulation-wise, and I missed it. (sniff) 🙁 But yes, the pinnacle could still be making the semi-gov stroke out. You’re right, it’s something to shoot for.

  2. I once had a comment read over the air on local talk radio. the cool thing was that they closed the show with it.

    15 seconds of fame
    Ooo, that certainly would have added impact. Nice going. Take a bow!

  3. I’m on Cafferty’s mailing list too. As an obnoxious libertarian, however, I don’t expect to see my comments ever chosen. However…

    From what began ( a long time ago) as a phone call to a Tom Snyder radio talk show, I was interviewed for a period spanning two commercial breaks. Of course, Mr. Snyder wasn’t a belligerent personality like the hosts of talk radio in vogue today and actually listened and explored various points of view.

    My answer to Cafferty’s current question: “Is President Obama serious about immigration control?” certainly won’t be chosen either.
    Congratulations on your 15 (?) minutes of fame with Snyder. Those of us who can still speak and write in complete sentences need to keep doing so.

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