Giraffe born at Denver zoo while world watches NY’s April

9 thoughts on “Giraffe born at Denver zoo while world watches NY’s April”

  1. That first photo really does resemble Dobby– a good name. Now as long as kids don’t try giving him socks. ☺ Me, too, hope he catches up with his growth & turns out to be as big & strong as his parents! (and sorry April fever overshadowed his birth)

    1. It was my pleasure. I couldn’t wait to share that picture. He’s just too cute for words. I do hope he’s past the rough spots now and grows up big and strong.

      1. Isn’t he just, April’s baby going to have to be something out of the box to beat young Mr Dobby. Perhaps if Mrs April has a baby girl the two might become good friends XD

      2. April’s camera has been offline for a couple of hours. There will be thousands of disappointed viewers if she calves while the camera is down.

        Ooops, never mind. It’s back up now.

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