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‘Rise,’ another great photo of Longs Peak

“Rise” by Nate Zeman. @ Nate Zeman. Reprinted with permission.

From Nate Zeman’s website:

Like a ship in the fog, Longs Peak reveals itself after being hidden in thick storm clouds. Just after the sun had dipped below the horizon for the day, the massive mountain emerged. It was a quick show. Moments later, the thick clouds veiled the mountain once again. Longs Peak is Rocky Mountain National Park’s only fourteen thousand foot peak. Making it one of the most popular of Colorado’s “fourteeners” to climb. The sheer cliff of the east face and its flat top make Longs unmistakeable. It can be viewed from almost anywhere along the front range. I hope there were climbers at the summit this particular evening. The few minutes the mountain peeked from the clouds would have made for an incredible view.

I’m a collector of sorts. A collector of Longs Peak photographs. I found this one today on Nate Zeman’s website. I hadn’t been there for a long time and decided to take a look. I thought surely I’d find some new photos. And I did.


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