Yep, it’s weird

I spotted this on a t-shirt in one of the 5,000 Christmas catalogs that jam my mailbox this time of year. I never asked for them; I never order from them. But some of them are fun to look through, if only for occasional chuckles like this. Of course, you have to be of a certain age to appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “Yep, it’s weird

  1. Hitting 65 last summer was eye-opening. I work at a small college and am lucky enough to have people pretend to be surprised when I tell them my age. I like that shirt!

    1. If you’re anything like me, you keep wondering how you got so old (except to me you’re still a youngster). Being on a college campus would certainly keep you young. But when I look at my 19- and 15-year-old grandchildren, it’s impossible to deny that a lot of time has passed.

      (Yeah, I really need one of these shirts.)

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