12 thoughts on “Stealthy”

    1. It certainly does. The US military doesn’t just “lose” a plane like this. The Guardian comes through again. I didn’t see another source quoting the “brilliant” Donald Trump. “Invisible” my ass.

    1. It occurred to me after I wrote this that Charleston is on the coast. D’oh. Point that puppy to the east and no one will ever find it. Or perhaps the wrong people … perhaps waiting out there for it.

    1. More to it than we may ever hear. They found the plane this evening, near one of the lakes that had been mentioned. Still no explanation about how they lost track of it … and I don’t expect we’ll hear one.

  1. I can just imagine the conversation between the pilot and his C.O. “You lost what? You in a heap o’ trouble, boy.” So, now at least he knows what that lever-thingy does.

    1. Well, in my house it’s because I set things up that way. I love what the Google/wifi/internet sphere can do for me, even though in some quarters they’re saying Google is too big, too monopolistic, and they want to put a stop to it. If it’s broken up, I think it will not serve us as well.

      The fact that the plane couldn’t be found for a while was probably a testament to its stealth capabilities. It was not meant to be tracked and found.

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