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  • Rock ’n’ roll forever!


    It’s difficult to imagine anyone has not seen this video. It’s been everywhere the last few days, even local Denver news broadcasts. Still, I wanted to preserve and share it. I’ve found no information about who this man is or… Read More ›

  • Adios, Maverick


    I lost a big piece of my childhood Sunday. James Garner, star of “Maverick,” “The Rockford Files,” and more than 50 movies, died. He was 86. Garner, you see, was born in Norman, Okla., just down the road from where… Read More ›

  • I have a mountain


    For lack of a better word, it’s called a “game.” But it’s less than that. More like an animated painting. But more than that. “Mountain.” That’s the name. That’s all there is to it. It’s from David O’Reilly, if that name… Read More ›

  • Life Alert sinks to new low


    I just saw the latest Life Alert commercial and my reaction is so negative in so many ways that I hardly know where to begin. Fear tactics are a loathsome way to sell a product, but Life Alert has turned… Read More ›

  • When smart quotes aren’t


    It’s a term that begs to be used: apostrophe catastrophe. And it has become so cliché that I won’t use it here. There are already dozens of articles and at least one blog titled “Apostrophe Catastrophe.” Most of the writers describe the misuse… Read More ›

  • GOP hard at work on women’s vote


    If you’re a Democrat, or lean left, or happen to be pro-choice, you’ve got to love the Republicans’ recent efforts to shoot themselves in their collective foot. Again. And again. They are trying soooo very hard to destroy any chance… Read More ›


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