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Welcome back, TundraCam

Niwot Ridge looking west towards (left to right) North and South Arapaho, Kiowa, Navajo, Apache, and Shoshoni Peaks . The flower in the foreground is Old-Man-of-the-Mountain  (Hymenoxis grandiflora).Ê Photo: B. Bowman.

Alpine tundra on Niwot Ridge, looking west toward the Indian Peaks. The flower in the foreground is Old-Man-of-the-Mountain (Hymenoxis grandiflora). Photo: B. Bowman. From the TundraCam website.

One of my favorite Colorado webcams, the TundraCam, is operable again for the first time since last year. I checked on it a few minutes ago, and there was the live image, complete with cloud shadows racing by. Hurray!

Perched at 11,600 feet on Niwot Ridge, west of Boulder, the fully “steerable” webcam is sponsored by several research groups at the University of Colorado. Be sure to explore the website to learn more about their activities and the area around the lab. Enjoy the photo gallery and the interactive panoramas (particularly nice if the weather is obscuring the camera view or if you are queued behind several other users).

Never assume this is just another webcam with a neat view. No two visits here are the same. There’s always something going on. The clouds come and go, the wind blows, the sun sets, the weather closes in and clears, hikers trudge by, hawks perch on the camera tower, snowdrifts drift, rain or ice cover the lens, and the anemometer spins itself into a blur.

I know, I know. I’ve posted all this in the past. Doesn’t matter. This cam’s been down for a very long time and I’m thrilled to see it back in action. High fives to the folks in Boulder who have been tearing their hair for months trying to get their baby working again.


  1. Majestic! Doesn’t even look real! I remember this website link when you posted it long ago- very cool PT!
    You can’t judge the scale here, but tundra flowers are usually quite small (picture thumbnail-sized or less), so I assume these are.

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