First fire, now flood

7 thoughts on “First fire, now flood”

    1. I thought it looked like the flow of moist air was bringing you rain, too. My yard was in desperate need, and it may have come just in time to save the Colo. corn crop, but we sure don’t need two inches of rain at a time on burn areas — unless they are still burning, of course.

      1. We’ve had some very nice rain. About three days in a row now. Usually starts pretty heavy for a few minutes, but backs off to a nice steady rain for 30 minutes to an hour. Often sprinkling or very light for some time after that, too. It’s actually been moist/damp without drying out for the 3 days. Been very very nice. Thank goodness the monsoons came a tad early. Needed them badly. Last year they threatened rain a lot – looked mean and black – but never really rained.

    1. How’s that tree looking these days? I’ve been so worried about it and I’m still furious with the people who thought moving it, especially during the growing season, was a good idea. Nothing short of routing the road around it was acceptable in my book.

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