Rocky Mountain dawn at 11 below

14 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain dawn at 11 below”

    1. Conditions must have been just right for the photograph he wanted. Still, those mountains aren’t going anywhere. I think I’d have waited for warmer weather.

    1. I was looking at Stensland’s website a few weeks ago, hoping he might be offering a selection of Christmas cards featuring his photos. Would be perfect to send to my siblings in Oklahoma. Even some blank greeting cards with his winter scenes would work. But I didn’t see any.

  1. Lordbeari, you should check out his website and his facebook page if you can. Erik posts a photo every day with a short explanation of the weather or light or composition– i pretend i am that superb landscape photographer even knowing there is no way (i like comfort more than that extreme effort!) PT, i think he is still selling the snowy Elkhorn scene on blank cards for flood relief? I, too, wish he would offer some cards using his incredible images! Maybe next year….

      1. Oh, I just found the Elkhorn cards. I was hoping for wintery mountain and forest scenes, but Elkhorn might do. I’ll have to think about it.

  2. He is amazing. How lucky to see it in real – whine about the cold, but underneath, it’s magic to be able to experience it all.
    It’s really winter there. Do you worry about power outages? Bitter cold winds here. But the sun finally came out and Molly was promised….see, ski underwear does have a purpose in TX! (We’re much colder than usual with freezes – but CO definitely wins the frozen race…but the scenery is dramatic…how nice someone else gets out there and grabs it to share!)

    1. The power lines in my part of town are underground, so I don’t worry too much about outages. The few I’ve experienced here have been from too much demand in the summer. The sun came out yesterday and although it only reached the 20s, snow on the pavement was evaporating quickly. Today it looks like lots more sun, some wind, and temps maybe reaching 32. Safe to say this particular winter blast is finally over.

      The mountains, whenever I get a glimpse, are spectacular. Tons of snow up there now, glistening in the sun.

  3. Incredible. I’m a sucker for beautiful landscape photography. I live very close to the Angeles Crest Forest and I don’t know how I’d live without being able to see mountains outside my window. Took my breath away.

  4. We are in the process of getting a foot of new snow in southwestern Michigan. Forest scenes are beautiful at our place, and it’s great to be retired and be able to sit back and enjoy them with no reason to travel.

    1. Isn’t that the truth! I gained a lot of my gray hair having to travel on snowy, icy roads when every fiber of my being protested. Now I can just kick back and enjoy the beauty of it all.

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