Senate finally releases torture report

"Abu Ghraib" by Richard Serra
“Abu Ghraib” by Richard Serra, 2004

The Senate Intelligence Committee has released its report on the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program after 9/11, and the details are being circulated around the world.

So NOW can we indict those responsible?

Oops, almost forgot. We’re not doing indictments anymore …

15 thoughts on “Senate finally releases torture report

      1. It does read like it, I read the full report in the NY Times this morning, the arrogance of the CIA and their controllers blew me away. Better it were fiction.

      2. Yes but which President, it seems to me that it was Geo Dubya’s doing and that President Obama stopped it; and the years covered would indicate this to be correct ;so it looks like another stain on President Bush, & VP Cheney administration, and it was stopped at President Obama’s Resolute Desk.

        I do not think that world history will treat Geo. W Bush’s Presidency very well, how American history treats it will depend on who’s writing it I suppose, Elefumps or the Donkeys ❓

  1. At best,the CIA’s Detention & Interrogation Program report is a can of worms left out in the sun to ripen! It is very apparent that the United States stooped to the level of it’s enemies to extract information from people and soldiers who were unwilling to cooperate. It is truly a black eye for America! The extremely sad part of this whole situation is,America will probable not learn from this and do it again.

    1. First, America as a whole was not responsible for this. But because it was the actions of a relatively few people, it’s impossible to say it couldn’t happen again. There will always be some bad apples in the mix somewhere. All the more reason those responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law. Of course, when the White House is involved, doing so becomes … perilous. But dishonoring what this country stands for and lowering it to the level of our enemies is not something that should be pardoned and forgotten. Those responsible should be held accountable, and responsibility begins at the top.

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