I want this microwave


I’m not the first to say it but I’m certainly going to repeat it: I want this infrared “heat map microwave oven.” The concept is pretty simple. There’s an infrared camera in the top of the oven that monitors the heating food and displays it on an LCD screen on the front of the microwave. Food goes from blue to yellow to white as it heats; it’s thoroughly heated when it’s all white. I would suggest, however, that a turntable be added, as it appears in the video that the burrito is not revolving. Or maybe the camera revolves too?

The idea and design is already patented by the inventor, NASA JPL engineer Mark Rober. All he needs to do now is convince his investors that it’s a product people want, and he hopes to do that by gathering signatures on a petition. Sign it for Mark and sign it for me, because my microwave is on its last legs, and at an affordable price I’d buy this one in a second.

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  1. But if a watched pot never boils, then is watched food in the microwave ever going to cook?

    • Of course not. There were a few days back there in the beginning when I watched with utter fascination while a hot dog cooked in 2 minutes. I’d swear now it takes at least 5 or 10, and watching will surely make it 15.

      • LMAO! We recently bought one of those new washers that have a glass lid on it. Top loader, not a front. It’s some new low-water technology thing-a-ma-jiggy-washer. Well, the first time I used it, I stood over that lid for a full 15 minutes so I could watch it go through the first cycle, called “Fill” into the “wash” cycle. I wanted to see how it worked. There’s no center column, and it never fills up with water completely like the “old-fashioned” machines do. And I still stop every once in a while and watch it for a few minutes. Very curious.

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