The Chase by Mike Olbenski (video)

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  1. “floor of the sky” I like that phrase. If you’ve grown up around big sky, you need it or feel jammed in a box. Sky is a constantly changing art show – and watching it, you learn to be more accurate than weather guys on tv.
    Cool video

  2. It struck me as I watched this video given the recent events regarding Pluto and our Universe as to how absolutely minute and insignificant our planet earth is in the scheme of things and yet from the surface of our planet the overwhelming awesomeness and beauty of natural events such as reflected in the video seem in complete contradiction to the reality of our insignificance. Surely a universal oxymoron on some level….?!

    1. It’s almost incomprehensible by my puny human brain. We are such insignificant specks compared to these storms and all of earth’s natural events (not to mention the spans of time involved). All while this planet as a whole is so very insignificant in the universe. I’m not even a speck on a speck. Can you say “humbling”?

    1. It certainly seems to me the logical thing to do. That’s where the danger is, or will be. Neil deGrasse Tyson says he never steps outside without looking up; but he’s looking up with the universe in mind. I always look up, too, but with the visible sky in mind.

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