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Short list announced for Bird Photographer of the Year

Photo: David Stowe

Birds aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Neither is photography. But I can’t imagine anyone not appreciating the beauty of birds as seen by great photographers.

Finalists have been announced for the Bird Photographer of the Year award, and that means many more gorgeous photos than just the winning shots. Also included are the crowd favorites.

Overall winners will be announced August 19th, but why wait when there’s so much to see right now?

(They’ve even posted last year’s winners.)

So many photos, so many categories. Glad I’m not a judge. I wouldn’t know where to begin. So I just grabbed these shots as teasers.

A surfeit of riches. Check it out.

Photo: Theresa Pitter

Photo: Nikunj Patel



    • That little duckling (?) is adorable, isn’t he. I couldn’t begin to pick a favorite. Every time I homed in on one, I’d find another I liked even better. That detail of the feathers blew me away. For some reason it reminds me of a Georgia O’Keeffe painting.

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