Colorado does NOT border Mexico

And he claims to have graduated from an Ivy League school? Apparently he skipped geography way back in grade school. As one who actually lives in Colorado, I find this idiocy particularly egregious. Of course, he might have been thinking New Mexico was the same thing as Mexico …


7 thoughts on “Colorado does NOT border Mexico

  1. But that’s our guy or something like that – no real surprise I guess – SAD – did see some maps that have been “corrected” with a Sharpie

    If I was that Ivy League school I would be thinking about taking back his fake degree – note “top of his class” but nobody seems to remember him attending class and he will not release his transcripts – wonder why?

  2. OMG! He is so stupid! Also, he will never ever win New Mexico. We are blue through and through. Plus, most of the people here do NOT want a wall – especially considering Hispanic/Mexican descent is in the majority here (I’m white and a minority in this state).

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