Eeny, meeny, miney, moe

Colorado’s 2020 Democratic primary candidates
Colorado’s 2020 Republican primary candidates

I finally got up to the mailbox yesterday and picked up my ballots for the Colorado primary on March 3. That’s ballots, plural, because I’m a registered Unaffiliated voter. That means I get ballots from both major parties and can vote with either one. (I only get one official return envelope, so can’t vote on both ballots.) I can then mail in my ballot or drop it in one of several special collection boxes. (I always use the collection boxes and the state notifies me when my ballot is received.)

Some of the candidates on these ballots are total strangers to me, and some dropped out after the ballots were printed. As for the process to get on a ballot in the first place, I couldn’t say for sure.

I still haven’t decided who to vote for, but my ballot must be in by March 3, so I’m really starting to feel the pressure. More than anything, I want to beat Trump. And ideally I want to beat him with someone I’ll be happy with. I don’t think swinging from one extreme to the other is necessarily the best thing for the country, and I think moderation is probably the most inclusive approach.

But that’s just me. Today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.


6 thoughts on “Eeny, meeny, miney, moe

  1. In Calif. only registered Republicans can get their ballot for the Primary Election. Undeclared registered voters have to request any other Party’s ballot wanted.

      1. It had to be done each election previous years when I went to polling station. But this year I requested mail-in ballot for the first time for this Primary. The debate now is whether or not to send every registered a mail-in ballot since our new touch screen system was so problematic.

      2. In Colorado everyone registered gets a mail-in ballot. It’s so convenient for an old woman like me. I waited till the last minute to vote this time, luckily. Usually I get my ballot in early. After the recent primary, there’s been talk of going to a ranked ballot system. Makes a lot of sense after what happened.

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