Metaphor for 2020

Three dumpsters burn during Denver protest Saturday night
Three dumpsters burn during Denver protest Saturday night

May 30, 2020 — The national news media haven’t devoted much time to the demonstrations occurring in Denver the last few nights, probably because Denver is a smaller city with a correspondingly smaller number of protesters. But as in larger cities, there have been fires, tear gas, pepper balls, graffiti, rocks and bottles, looting, etc. By now you know the drill.

One wonders where it will all end. We have an inept president, a corrupt bunch of Washington politicians, a global pandemic with local lockdowns, and now protests and riots across the country.

A local reporter summed it up perfectly when he focused on a dumpster fire and declared it “a perfect metaphor for 2020.”

6 thoughts on “Metaphor for 2020

      1. The reporter wasn’t as original as I thought. The metaphor was new to me but as it turns out it’s all over the internet in pictures, mottos, clothing, etc. Once again, I’m among the last to know.

    1. Count your blessings. Our beautiful downtown around the capitol has been getting trashed for the last four nights. And it appears that much of the damage is being done by outside agitators.

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