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  1. I was born into a Democrat family. But, in all honesty, I didn’t give a squat about politics for most of my life. It was when Obama came into office that I started to really pay attention. Learn what I should have known in my youth. You know… typical American ignorance. I’ve always voted Democrat, though. Even in my most government-ignorant years, I never understood why people supported the Republican Party. I saw so much hate and control in that party. To this day, I just do not understand why people think Democrats are so “dangerous” for our government.

    • I was raised in a very Republican family and voted that way until the party started messing with women’s rights. Then George Bush was nominated and that sealed it. After a couple of years as a Dem, I wrote them off too. I registered as Unaffiliated when I moved to Colorado in 2005.

      • My housemate is registered “Independent” too. I keep telling her she needs to change to a Democrat so she can at least vote in primaries. I don’t know if this varies per state, but in NM, you have to be registered either a Dem or Rep in order to vote in any primary.

        • Colorado used to require party affilation to vote in the primaries, but that was changed sometime after I arrived here and now everyone can vote in the primaries.

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