The insanity continues

Officer Gordon Beesley (Photo: Arvada Police Department)

Officer Gordon Beesley, a 19-year veteran of the Arvada Police Department, was responding to a report of suspicious activity when he was fatally shot. Also dead at the scene were the suspect and an adult male civilian described by police as “a Samaritan.”

Beasley normally worked as a middle school resource officer but was working patrol during the summer. He was married and the father of two.

Colorado is still recovering from the mass shooting in Boulder a few months ago in which nine civilians and one police officer died. Sadly, such shootings have become so common that the tragedy in Arvada today barely made national news.

Personally I was left wrestling with both heartbreak and outrage. Fury, actually. At one point I even told my son that if I had the power, I’d go door-to-door across Colorado and confiscate every damned gun in the state. And to hell with the Constitution. I’m sick and tired of all the guns and the killing. Every day. Multiple shootings across the city, the state, the country. It’s insanity.

Police procession leaves the shooting scene in Arvada.  (Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post)

Although this looks like a funeral procession, this was today’s procession to the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office in Golden:

Update, June 23: Police identified the slain good Samaritan as John Hurley, 40, of Golden, Colo. Hurley was in a local store when he heard shots, drew his own weapon, and headed outside. He fired at the gunman before trying to direct people out of the area. Reports differ as to whether Hurley killed the gunman or the gunman killed himself. The gunman, who reportedly “ambushed” Officer Beesley, was identified as a local resident who had “expressed hatred of police officers.” Police are still not saying who shot Hurley, but two local law enforcement sources say he died from a police bullet.

June 24: It was confirmed today that a police officer killed John Hurley.

12 thoughts on “The insanity continues

  1. Remember I once mentioned that if a law abiding concealed carrying person happened to shoot (and stop) a criminal shooter, the next thing they should do is drop their own weapon.  Remember?

    1. I confess I do not remember, but it obviously makes sense. You’ve always made good sense. I wish Johnny Hurley had remembered. He even picked up the shooter’s AR-15. Being the “good guy with a gun” is a dangerous business. This was such a tragedy.

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