Uvalde outrage continues

7 thoughts on “Uvalde outrage continues”

  1. It is sickening. When will the powers that be do something about gun laws? As an outsider, it seems they all talk about it yet nothing happens except another mass shooting and another and another! Why do these people support such vile things?

    1. Trev, I wish I knew. It’s been a growing problem for many years and I just don’t understand the reticence to do something meaningful when people are dying.

  2. One Republican senator justified keeping assault rifles legal by saying his constituents liked to use them for killing varmints like raccoons and rats. Cartridges for an AR 15 cost about $1 apiece last year. No doubt more now.

    1. Yes, I saw that guy. I think maybe it was on Colbert’s show that it was suggested if the farmers are such bad shots they should try shotguns instead of AR-15s.

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