Obama trades gloom for ‘yes we can’

3 thoughts on “Obama trades gloom for ‘yes we can’”

  1. These days I can’t even go here.
    Obama says, “No new taxes”.
    Yeah, right.
    Who actually believed him?
    The USA is going down . . .
    What did the Dow close at today? (I’m afraid to look, not that I have anything invested)
    Health Care? God help us.
    Job? Unemployment in the Bay State is currently 7% and may reach as much as 10%. Unprecedented.
    I want to move to another planet sometimes.
    Ugh. I can’t talk about it anymore it’s too damn depressing.

    1. A politician is a politician is a politician. You vote for the ones you dislike the least, hoping things will change but knowing they probably won’t. I’ve stopped watching national news, stopped opening the quarterly statements from my retirement accounts, and try hard to ignore any economic news. In the past, I always felt we’d work through things eventually and rebound. We’ll probably do that again, but my fear is we won’t do it fast enough to rebuild my retirement funds in time to do me any good. Depressing is an massive understatement.

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