How to negotiate stairs (video)

There’s more than one way for a clumsy pup to get down a long flight of stairs …

14 thoughts on “How to negotiate stairs (video)

  1. Ouch, that just has to hurt in several wrong places. I’m currently “dog sitting” but will not recommend this procedure to my little friend. Sshe seldom listens to me, anyway.

    1. I can’t help laughing at how the tail slaps the steps. I know pups have problems with stairs, but it’s hard to believe the is the most comfortable way to get down them. Maybe it has something to do with trying to stay close to the ground and thus less apt to fall?

  2. Has the old man gone blind…. or just stupid(er)? No “Like” button? Ah well, I usually spew a few opinions, as I have today. I’ve come up with several descriptors for my multiple random thoughts posts, including Olio, Shotgun, and even a couple of Gerry Seinfeld blogs, about nothing – in particular. Now I have a new name, and will credit you, when I use Pied. 🙂

    1. Nope, you’re not blind. I turned off my Like button. Miss it, though. I may reconsider one of these days. In any case, welcome.

      Yep, that’s what this blog is, a big pile of pied type. A lot like my thought processes these days. If you employ the term, be prepared to explain it. Not a lot of people around who know what it means.

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