Cold enough for you?

13 thoughts on “Cold enough for you?”

  1. Looks pretty cold but it also looks absolutely stunning! I would give a lot of money to live in a place that looks like that! Wonderful photos! Thoroughly enjoyed your post! Thanks much for sharing!

  2. That’s a beautiful picture in your post. Did you take that? I feel your pain. We still have icy roads and school is delayed another day. We lost our power for two days, and our tankless water heater froze. So, now we have power, but we have not had hot water for two days! You don’t realize how much you miss it until it’s gone! 🙂

    I hope things warm up a bit for you. At least, a lot of the bugs will die off….

    1. I was without power for three days during an ice storm in Atlanta, but it wasn’t nearly this cold. Still, a very unpleasant experience. Hope you get your hot water back soon. There have been times this week when a hot shower was the only time I felt completely warm.

      No, I didn’t take the picture. I just looked for the coldest looking one I could find. Of course, it would look colder if the water were frozen. It’s a huge picture, actually. Would make good desktop wallpaper — in the summer.

  3. …bitter cold, minus temps, snow, black ice on the highways, trees/lines down from accumulated ice… all I want for Christmas is SPRING!! – and in other wx related news- rmnp won’t be able to open Old Fall River Road in 2014 due to flood damage; wonder how much this winter will add to the work? (if you do get that pilot light going, make sure they check the venting and any batteries in CO detectors, etc for you!)

    1. Aww, I didn’t know Old Fall River Road was damaged that badly. But I guess a dirt road would wash out a lot faster and worse than a paved one.

      For now I’m just going with no fireplace. Been fine that way for five years. But yes, I’ll have everything thoroughly checked if I do get it started up again.

      1. Only about 4 inches – far short of what other places got. Funny though, our forecasts don’t show us topping the 30s until late next week!

      2. The whole system is moving off to the NE. Sorry to hear it’s going to take that long for it to pass you. I heard one long range forecast that said it’s going to go up around the North Pole and come back around and down here again late next week — possibly even colder than this last week was. UGH!

    1. Definitely makes a difference. But I think it’s also a state of mind — whether you think its abnormally cold (based on what you’re used to), regardless of the actual temperature. While I was complaining about 0 being cold here, Jimmy Kimmel was making fun of reporters in Southern California complaining about it being 40.

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