Busy days on Niwot Ridge

9 thoughts on “Busy days on Niwot Ridge”

  1. Wow, that was well done my friend. I’m beginning to see why Mother Nature charges such a high price. I might even wonder if the price is high enough…

  2. I enjoy webcams such as these and wouldnt mind donating to keep them running as long as it is voluntary– when each connection comes with a ‘give’ message, that bugs me. But enjoy these clips so much! The tundra is almost magical, thinking of those tiny plants being hundreds of years old, generating their own heat during the brief growing seasons, and cramming a full year’s growth into those few weeks. Just wish people could realize all that each time they could rock-hop, but instead just trample or worse, pick the flowers….

    1. As I’ve said, this is my favorite web cam. And I’d contribute to keeping it running if it comes to that. It would be worth it for all the pleasure I get from it. If you tilt it sharply down and look beside the hut, you can see some little yellow flowers nodding in the breeze. Cinquefoil, I think, although I don’t know my wildflowers.

      I know how you feel about the rock hoppers. There are lichens on those rocks! I’d find it tough to be a ranger, with people ignoring the signs everywhere, dropping trash, picking flowers, etc. I’ve about burned through my lifetime allocation of patience.

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