Trail Ridge Road officially closed for the season


Photo: Mad Hippies Life

The National Park Service announced yesterday that Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park is officially closed for the season to through traffic. This winter, weather permitting, visitors may drive only as far as Many Parks Curve on the east end and the Colorado River Trailhead on the west. Mild fall weather allowed the road to stay open much longer than usual. Normally it closes sometime in late October and reopens in late May.

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8 replies

  1. It’s almost a relief when colder weather comes—makes us worry a little less about global warming. Looks like your area will have a white winter!

  2. Was hurrying to Comments to ask where that webcam is mounted & then saw the signature. That is a view normally seen only by drivers/pax! Breathing a bit easier knowing no tourist will get into trouble up there now that winter has finally arrived. Thanks for posting it❄

    • I’m relieved that it’s closed. You’re right, it was getting iffy enough to be potentially hazardous for tourists unfamiliar with mountain weather. I’m relieved, too, that the moisture has finally come.

  3. Damn! And I was planning to pop up there next week!

  4. It’s that time of year. Snuggle in, pups and people. (Yes, moisture is welcomed)

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