Estes Park webcam information updated

New Longs Peak webcam has sound.
New Longs Peak webcam has sound. Click for current view.

This month I’ve made a lot of changes to the post that usually tops my bestseller list, “Live streaming webcams on line in Estes Park.” I had to account for cameras that have gone offline and add a few new ones I’ve found. And I added slideshows.

Compared to multiple images of various sizes, the slideshows “neaten up” the page, allow more images in the same amount of space, add movement, and make the page more user friendly. (At least, that was my intent.) And I spent a lot of time trying to get attractive screenshots for those slideshows (these may change if I get better shots). You can mouse over any screenshot to see its date. The one shortfall is that slideshows don’t support links, so the links must be listed below.

Eric Calkins, up in Estes, has added a new Longs Peak camera (above) to his lineup of streaming webcams, and it includes sound. It’s mounted up on Prospect Mountain, so you’ll hear wind, birds, occasional voices, etc.

I removed the link for the Allenspark camera that looked west toward Wild Basin. It had been inactive for several months and I reluctantly concluded the owner has taken it down. I also deleted the link to the Fall River camera in Estes. Currently it shows only an ad, with a promise of a new camera to come. When that happens, I’ll relist it. Also available now only intermittently is the private weather cam from Ward, Colorado. The feed is faulty, but it’s a beautiful view from someone’s deck, so I keep hoping it will reappear. The feed showing the YMCA Conference Center in the valley below is also intermittent.

I regret the cameras from CDOT, the Colorado Department of Transportation, are offline so often. But when they are active they provide good views of the roads, weather conditions, and foliage so I keep them listed. (However, the Cedarmont cameras have been down so long that I’ve about given up and may delist them.) Just be aware that for reasons unknown, CDOT cams are often offline.

Farther down the page, I’ve added a slideshow for the Google street view virtual hikes. The hikes are fun, if you’ve never tried one. Especially on trails you might not see otherwise.

I’m still looking for an attractive way to add a weather widget, but WordPress doesn’t allow javascript, so that’s a problem I may never solve. I’ve noted in the listings that Truta’s weather cam is part of a weather station, and current Estes weather conditions are always available there.

That’s about all for now. The page is always a work in progress, so let me know what you think of the changes. I’m always open to suggestions.

7 thoughts on “Estes Park webcam information updated

  1. There’s a lot of stuff WordPress doesn’t seem to allow, mores the pity; sometimes I wonder why I bother buying the premium; I doubt anybody would bother advertizing on my pages anyhow!

    That being said \,Estes Park must be one of the most delightful laces in the whole of the United States.

    1. After my one very unhappy experience with an ad on this blog, I decided I’d never let it happen again. Of course, I run Ad Blocker all the time so if an ad appeared on your blog, I wouldn’t see it.

      Estes is my favorite place in the world. But it’s more the setting, surrounded by mountains, the national park, and my memories than the quant little town itself (not really quaint or little anymore). The town is a gridlocked tourist trap in nice weather. You have to know your way around to get through or around it and avoid the worst of the traffic.

    1. Stop by during the day if you really want to enjoy yourself. Webcams work better in daylight. 🙂
      Comparing my efforts to “opening the windows” … what a beautiful compliment. Thank you!

    1. As do I with WordPress, in case that wasn’t clear. I’ve checked all the other blog platforms many times (every time I get unhappy with some change WP has made) and none offer the flexibility and features I get here. I could switch to but then I’d be responsible for maintaining everything, and I just don’t want that hassle. I managed all my own code back in the infancy of personal web pages and I don’t have the patience to do that again.

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