Estes Park webcam information updated

7 thoughts on “Estes Park webcam information updated”

  1. There’s a lot of stuff WordPress doesn’t seem to allow, mores the pity; sometimes I wonder why I bother buying the premium; I doubt anybody would bother advertizing on my pages anyhow!

    That being said \,Estes Park must be one of the most delightful laces in the whole of the United States.

    1. After my one very unhappy experience with an ad on this blog, I decided I’d never let it happen again. Of course, I run Ad Blocker all the time so if an ad appeared on your blog, I wouldn’t see it.

      Estes is my favorite place in the world. But it’s more the setting, surrounded by mountains, the national park, and my memories than the quant little town itself (not really quaint or little anymore). The town is a gridlocked tourist trap in nice weather. You have to know your way around to get through or around it and avoid the worst of the traffic.

    1. Stop by during the day if you really want to enjoy yourself. Webcams work better in daylight. 🙂
      Comparing my efforts to “opening the windows” … what a beautiful compliment. Thank you!

    1. As do I with WordPress, in case that wasn’t clear. I’ve checked all the other blog platforms many times (every time I get unhappy with some change WP has made) and none offer the flexibility and features I get here. I could switch to but then I’d be responsible for maintaining everything, and I just don’t want that hassle. I managed all my own code back in the infancy of personal web pages and I don’t have the patience to do that again.

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