There was only one Aretha

7 thoughts on “There was only one Aretha”

  1. In England the 25th March is referred to as ‘Lady Day’; goes back to the early days when it was a religious country The lady being Mary who had a baby 9 months later.

    Aretha Franklin was definitely a lady, and a REAL singer, who made the blood tingle; her voice will be heard for years to come.

  2. So moving to see her sing and Carole King being also so moved by her. And then seeing the Obamas with a tear in his eye and their gracious classy presence. Made me so sad for days gone by when we didn’t have this despicable person in the White House and everything good and decent that America stood for now being denigrated by him and his cult.

  3. I loved Aretha, and I’ll miss her. She was part of a giving, generous, dignified culture which was the America of the past, and which, above all, included the Obamas. Sure, I cried during the video—along with a host of others, I’m sure.

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