I might be a centrist

I just took the political spectrum quiz at Go to Quiz and these are my results. I think it’s safe to call me a centrist, don’t you?

Compared to the millions in the world who have taken the quiz, this is how I fared:

I took the same quiz back in 2011 and these were the results:

Does this mean I’m softening in my old age (76)? I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that as one grows older, one’s positions tend to harden. Perhaps it just means I’m pulling farther away from the Republican stances I grew up with (I switched to the Dems in 2000 when the GOP nominated George W. Bush, then became an unaffiliated voter in 2006). Or, as I’ve always contended, the Republicans grew away from me. Far, far away.

Frankly, I think both parties need to move back toward the center, at least far enough to reach across the aisle again.

(I just noticed that although the pretty colors are a nice addition to the charts, they ought to put the red on the right and the blue on the left … just sayin’)


6 thoughts on “I might be a centrist

  1. I was a left moderate social libertarian. I didn’t save my results last time, but I’m fairly sure I’ve gotten a little more conservative on some things. And Michelle’s right; some questions weren’t as cut and dried as the poll would seem to assume.

    1. I think I’ve moderated some of my positions, as the charts indicate. But that may have been influenced more by a middle-of-the-road stance on the importance of each issue. Rating an issue more or less important to me than other issues was tough.

  2. Yep, I’m feeling a little more centrist these days, too, at least compared to my super liberal friends. Let’s just say I’m done with the perennially offended. I have the word “snowflake” and I’m not afraid to use it!

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