History will remember

I grabbed this screenshot yesterday just so I could savor it again and again. It seemed worth saving.

8 thoughts on “History will remember

  1. johnthecook…It is well known President Trump did NOT unify the American Political parties or the CITIZENS of America; but he was good for America in that he put America First and no other Country on planet earth will do that for us. President Elect Joe Biden will NOT unify the American people or Political Parties either, nor will he be good for America! Just as the DNC and Hilary Clinton thru Bernie Sanders under the bus in 2016,President Elect Joe Biden will try to lead America down a dark and dusty road as Socialist Ideas G-R-A-D-U-A-L-Y- take effect, and Kalama Harris hard on his coat tails to take over. These are MY opinions and no one eases.

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