Celebrate good times, come on!


One week from today,
according to the CDC,
I can start seeing
my son and grandkids again.

16 thoughts on “Celebrate good times, come on!

      1. HA! We finally scored some vaccine. Our Pharmacist quietly said she had her own “wait list” of people close by who could get there quick if at the end of the day she had unused vaccine or someone didn’t show up for theirs. Sunday we got the call. Last 2 doses of her J&J shipment. YEA! It is time to celebrate
        Tues. is party at your house?

        1. Hurray!! Feels awesome, doesn’t it. No party planned here yet. I think my grandson, as a food service worker, gets his vax in a week or two. Probably after that.

  1. One cartoon lately was so good, I printed it and hung it in our den: Old couple in a convertible, trailing cans on strings, speeding away. Sign on the bumper says: “JUST VACCINATED!” Ha, ha.

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