After the storm

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  1. Isn’t it nice to wake up and ask yourself, “I wonder what trump did last night/weekend/etc” — and I don’t mean in a good way.

    Got both my shots. My housemate’s 2nd shot really made her ill for a day. But she’s all good now.

    We have 10 puppies so been busy with them. I have developed some severe carpal tunnel so only on the computer when I have to be. Hurts too damn much. Got to a specialist on Thursday.

    1. Ohhh, puppies! I have a rule never to look at puppies unless I’m prepared to take one home. Pretty much the same way with kittens. Common sense just goes right out the window.

      I’ve done the carpal tunnel thing. Not fun. Time and a wrist splint were about the only things that helped.

      I go days without thinking about t***p. Not even once. Not even curious. Unless the govt gets him on criminal charges. Not gonna miss a word of that!

      Good to know you both are fully vaccinated now. Feels good, doesn’t it?

      1. So what happened with your carpal tunnel? Surgery? Are you better now? I’m in agony. I can’t live like this. (no that is not a suicide threat – I’ll chop my freakin’ hands off before I off myself). I’m learning to use a left-handed mouse now. Hurts too much to use my right hand. It’s a ball mouse which makes it a bit easier (at least I find it easier than a normal mouse).

      2. No, no surgery. They did test the nerve conduction in my wrist and hand and put it in a handy dandy splint, which I wore day and night for I don’t recall how long. Probably took some NSAIDs or something. Tried changing to a more ergonomic keyboard but could never get used to it. Added a wrist rest in front of the keyboard. I had a pair of splints, actually, and put them on at the slightest indication that the problem was returning. Especially important at night to make sure your wrist stays in a neutral position. Hope that helps. I don’t recall how long it lasted, but certainly not more than a couple of weeks. You can buy wrist braces at most any big store or pharmacy.

      3. I have 3 different types of braces. Copper-lined compression gloves, and a few other gimmicks that sometimes helps. I went for my 1st appt today. Waiting to hear from scheduling for nerve test. Didn’t see a doc, saw a nurse – can’t remember the title. The kind that is almost like a doctor… but not quite. I’m experiencing a lot of pain. He said only a very small percentage do. I almost felt like he thought I was faking it and there asking for pain meds – which I wasn’t, and which I did not ask for. I want a solution, not a bandaid. But once the nerve test is done, then I’ll most like have an in-office procedure called a “nerve release”. They put a small incision in my wrist and, well, “release” my nerve. I hope it’s soon. Nerve tests first.

      4. Oh, that sounds like a much worse case than I had. I hope you get some permanent relief, and soon. Unrelieved pain would make anyone crazy. And besides that, you need to be able to work. Sending lots of empathy your way.

  2. I, too, have appreciated this calm by comparison with what we had previously. I can only hope it continues beyond this current administration. There is reason to feel real concern about sustaining this state given expected gerrymandering, the continued promotion of ‘the big lie’ , conspiracy theories, other falsehoods so many people continue to embrace, but I’ll enjoy this time in the meantime.

  3. I agree, the change is remarkable. Oddly, there was an entertainment aspect to the last four years, kind of like the entertainment value of watching a train wreck. Horrible, but you can’t look away. I’m looking forward to Hollywood getting back in business. The stuff on Netflix is down to the dregs for us. We’ve been re-watching Dexter.

    1. I haven’t gotten into Netflix much. Or any of the other streaming channels. I did start one show there but don’t recall offhand what it was. And I started watching Ted Lasso on Apple+ but inadvertently cancelled that subscription, so need to renew that.

    1. If only they were all actually reading every post. But the stats also indicate very few returning visitors. So I just keep doing my thing and if it’s of interest to anyone else, that’s frosting on the cake.

  4. It’s more than four. Believe me. Kim is right again… after 3 – 1/2 years of clinging to a sanity life raft, being rescued is less dramatic. Chalk up my lack of participation to lethargy and tending to a 100 lb. 10 month old German Shepard puppy who has out grown one of his knee joints… plus having to mow 12 acres of springtime pastures… kill a bazillion fire ants and assorted wasps that a hard freeze didn’t kill. And laziness.

    1. You obviously have much more pressing things to do than read blogs.
      That’s a BIG pup. Hope there’s a good fix for his knee. Meantime, my only excuse is laziness.
      In any case, it sure feels good just to be off that life raft and back to solid ground.

    1. I think you have to go someplace else and then land here again. But WP also counts views from the WP Reader. They also keep track of visitors who’ve been here before — “return visits.” That’s the disappointing number –the number of return visitors. Apparently most of my visitors are people who read one or two posts and then never come back. It’s the price I pay, I guess, for not posting regularly and sticking to one topic, as is recommended for bloggers.

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