Let’s not bury the lede

Maybe it’s just preparation for the coming school year, but recently I’ve been seeing a lot of commercials for vaccinations other than Covid. DTP, HPV, meningitis, etc. (Meningitis? Not sure I ever knew there was a vaccine for that.)

Right now, however, with Covid’s delta variant wreaking havoc among the unvaccinated, I think we should be staying focused on Covid vaccination and not let that message get buried or obscured by advertising and content about other vaccines. Yes, yes, free enterprise, free speech, and all that. And of course, opportunism and capitalism. But the disease that’s killing us right now is Covid. The delta variant. That should be front and center until this killer is beaten into some kind of submission. Right now we’re losing ground. Rapidly.

Most parents with school-age children are or should be aware of the vaccination requirements and recommendations (so many more than when I was a young parent), regardless of current advertising and commentary. It is a shame that parents who don’t believe in vaccinations for themselves will also skip vaccinations for their kids, but it happens all too often. It’s a bigger shame that some states are dropping their school vaccination requirements altogether.

Covid is not and should not be any more political than the flu or polio or measles. It doesn’t care who you are or what you believe. It just is. And it needs to be stopped. Vaccinations, also apolitical, are the way to do it.

I know, I know, you’re sick of hearing about Covid. So am I. But it’s better than being sick with Covid.

So please, let’s not bury the lede, miss the point, ignore the truth, or overlook the critically important. Keep the focus on Covid.


(Full disclosure: As the daughter of a doctor and a former medical editor, I am decidedly not unbiased.)

11 thoughts on “Let’s not bury the lede

  1. Childhood vaccine schedules need to be remembered and attended to.
    Some diligent parents were able to stay on task with those but in many places pediatricians were closed or parents too terrified to venture out even if you waited in the car until called, then sprint in and out while masked.
    The interrupted schedules is a big concern for multiple reasons. One worry now is if parents decide to get caught up AND get the COVID vaccine, those poor little bodies may hit overload and have more reactions than usual. Might be best to separate some of the mega- vaccinations into separate doses was is often recommended anyway for sensitive kid systems. At least spread inoculations groups out to give the body time to recover?
    Already RSV and croop and several other childhood illnesses that were MIA are flourishing wildly here as the kids get back together. Kids are going to get sick with one thing or another due to so much protection given in isolation.
    Here they have been non stop telling parents “Your school district starts classes on this date: this is the date you need to get the first COVID shot and this is when you must get the second one….but how many are taking advantage of the free, readily available vaccines, who knows.
    Delta spreads quickly but less lethal. Lambda variation (from Peru – similar to Gamma variant ) is also highly transmissible and is in our area (Along with Monkey Pox – from Nigeria, not a COVID variant). The vaccines offer some protection – at least keeps patients from getting as sick was they would without vaccine. Studies are saying vaccines offer about 40% protection from both variants.
    Once again, it’s up to you to decide. But why not use what tools you have to stay well…like avoiding large groups, hand washing, not touching face, fresh air and sunlight, keeping the immune system up with good food and plenty of sleep….and staying away from people mostly. Masks? Maybe indoors with others you don’t know of trust to take care of themselves…but the masks have to be tight fitting, clean, and the right kind…so many are just fashion statements.Kids should avoid masks if exercising/playing outdoors – which should happen frequents as “breaks” during the day of indoor activities – so body can recover from lack of oxygen when masked.
    Saddle up, it’s going to be a long ride?

    1. Long ride. Yes, I’m afraid so. Too many people think the nation is now “open for business” and “back to normal.” We are still far from it. So many factors at play. And far too little cooperation.

      1. Playing nice is too much to hope for. World has changes – and people need listen up and evaluate risks…the vaccine may not be perfect, but it may keep you alive/lessen damage if you contract COVID
        The big city Med Center collaborative group says right now the ICU admits/and the few deaths they are seeing from Delta are people with previous medical conditions like Transplant, obesity, cancers, diabetes, Lupus, compromised immune system, known cardiac and respiratory conditions…the people that have always been most at risk.

        1. Too many people are still unvaccinated and therefore much more vulnerable to infection and transmission. The vaccines are not perfect, but they are way better than nothing, especially if and when contract Covid. Once you get sick, it’s too late. The vaccine won’t help. I blame lack of education (and the critical thinking it teaches) and social media spreading lies and misinformation, along with Fox News.

          As for the victims of the delta variant who had pre-existing conditions — they more than anyone should have known to get vaccinated. The information is out there for everyone. So are the vaccinations. It’s really hard for me to understand the thinking of people who don’t get vaccinated.

          1. Yep. Media’s hyper to get their version of the “story” out before knowing/slanting the entire story…forget getting facts straight or reporting in a neutral position…confuses some and gives others a “why bother” excuse – or a reason. Media ain’t exactly honest any more.
            At this point, locally they have tried everything to serve up the vaccines: mega sites, drive throughs, they went door to door months ago with info/leaders/vaccines, free beer at bars, cash, big money lottery, offices and workplaces baseball and football stars and stadiums, Dr Jill, churches – you name it they’ve done it – primarily in communities at risk because they do so much of the supporting jobs, possibly no transportation, all the drug stores/rocery stores.
            At this point I have to say, “OK you’ve had your chance – it’s up to you, horse dragged to water but won’t drink…”. At some point, you just have to shrug. I don’t criticize anyone for their choices and wish everyone would just stop the bullying and ranting about their own personal choice. I no longer care.
            Reminds me of Katrina aftermath when the feds hired 3 luxury cruise ships to doc in NOLA for clean living spaces, meal service, child care, medical care – all so they residents to be close to their damaged homes and oversee cleanup and repairs….and hardly anyone would board due to a rumor the gov was going to load the ships and take anyone on them away to another country. Stupid suspicious rumors. Duh. No critical thinking at all.
            Sadly some medical conditions/treatments do not play nice with the vaccines. Isolating may be all those people can do – which is sad especially with children. Docs here have been staying close to patients in treatments and advising them. (Like “stay home and the heck away from people, sorry it’s boring and inconvenient, but it’s your only hope…”)
            95+% of Delta hospital admissions here are unvaccinated- or have only had 1 shot (Hospitals are also quietly saying some are misrepresenting having had a shot at all)…you’d think that would be a clue …
            Eventually it comes down to personal taking responsibility for themselves and weighing risks…which are pretty grim even with the less lethal Delta. You’d think most people would rather not take the chance of getting sick – there is a choice of vaccines – or personal options.

          1. Oh, they tried that here, too…not much response after the first few hours. It appears those that are going to get vaccinated, have already done so and nothing will prod the rest.
            Like the Beatles said, time to Let it Be?

  2. On a blog yesterday I encountered a man whose objection to COVID vaccination is that its approval is only provisional, i.e., “experimental.” When I pointed out that the vaccines have prevented death or hospitalizations for millions, he called me “either slow or stupid.”

    1. Jim – I heard something for the first time today on the CBS morning show.  A person in a hospital who’s infected with COVID 19, is being treated with drugs that only have “Emergency” approval for treating COVID patients.  They need to let that sink in before they take a principled stand against using drugs only authorized as “Emergency” treatments.  That is, unless they are slow or stupid.

    2. Provisional is not the same as experimental, but I doubt the distinction would make any difference to those who are slow or stupid. Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot more such people than I’d have guessed. And it’s really bumming me out.

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