Today’s math lesson

1 bad cop + 99 good cops =100 bad cops

No attribution here. I don’t know where I first heard it, but given events in recent years in Colorado and across the country, it struck me as apropos. There are a lot of really good, honest, hardworking law enforcement officers out there, doing a thankless, often dangerous job for not nearly enough money or recognition. But they must get rid of the bad apples that are stinking things up for everybody.

Photo: AP/David Zalubowski

7 thoughts on “Today’s math lesson

  1. johnthecook…every picture tells a story. I do not know the particulars of THIS story (picture). It is obvious that something is awry. This I know, people in general will push all the buttons until they get the response they want. Can you tell who is actually at fault here? How apropos to assume that you can break the Law and then choose your own consequences for doing so.

    1. I couldn’t find a good picture of the abusive police in Denver who caused all sorts of harm to peaceful protesters here in 2020. (No subscription to the Denver Post.) They — the police — just lost a big case brought against them for excessive force used against innocent, peaceful demonstrators.

      1. Hey, John, I spent considerably more time — as I should have in the first place — and found a photo from Denver 2020. Denver police officer shooting rubber bullets at a fleeing demonstrator. The courts had to step in at the time and order the police to stop using rubber bullets, tear gas, and “bean” bags on peaceful protestors.

  2. One of my favorite authors is Michael Connelly. His protagonist, Harry Bosch, is an LAPD detective who compulsively seeks justice, including targeting bad cops. His stories seem very real. Considering the police environment he depicts, contacting the worst of society on a regular basis, I have to wonder why there aren’t even more “bad” cops.

    1. There are enough incidents reported locally and nationally that I can’t help feeling a bit wary sometimes. The story here in Loveland about cops abusing a 73-year-old woman with dementia absolutely horrified me. I’ve always been treated with respect but I’ll never forget that incident.

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