Of course it’s the guns

12 thoughts on “Of course it’s the guns”

  1. The cynical Republicans are all for having assault rifles on the streets because it suits their purpose; to keep us distracted and at each other’s throats while they continue to do what their monied masters have always ordered them to do – and while they – and The Money – cling to power in order to rob us blind. continue…

  2. There are two kinds of guns. One kind is for hunting and the other kind is for shooting people. Pistols and assault-style rifles account for most of the problem and it is the fault of our political system that their availability is virtually unchecked. Extremism is rampant on the right and the left also has some of it. My hometown will have ranked-choice voting on the ballot next August – that’s the only hope I can see for dealing with this. Kudos to Kyle Clark, we need more of people like him.

    1. Clark deftly shot down two of the big reasons/excuses proffered for shootings: that they’re a mental health problem and that they’re caused by video games. But I still despair, living in a state where stricter gun laws were met with “we won’t enforce unconstitutional laws” by many country sheriffs. With sheriffs like that, and spineless lawmakers in Washington, it’s obvious that our elected officials are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    1. Gun manufacturers and dealers could learn from Ferrari. As for the linked photo, whoever put that gun in the hands of that child should be charged with child abuse. (I was going to say “should be shot” but that’s not an apropriate expression at the moment.) And using a Bible verse to justify it is just obscene.

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