How many clocks did YOU reset last night?

11 thoughts on “How many clocks did YOU reset last night?”

  1. I forgot the microwave clock until this Sunday morning. (P.S. I remember the census-taker from when I was a kid. I want to say her name was Edna. This would be in 1970. Apparently they did take names back then, but not all of that other stuff.)

    1. I’ve got to believe that door-to-door census-taking resulted in a more honest count than today’s mail-in forms. Cynic that I am, I assume there are a lot of people in this country who would rather not return the forms and admit they’re here.

  2. I got in the car and panicked a bit thinking I was late for the vet appt. for Cozmo and Bella. Shoooot, there’s always another clock lurking around the corner to scare the shit out of you!

  3. I found yet another clock today, on the cordless phone answering thingy. Did the car last night. I count like 8 clocks. Don’t wear a watch. 🙂 That’s too many clocks I’m thinking.

    1. I used to deliberately not take clocks or watches on my vacations, in order to escape their tyranny. Yet here I am, retired, and look at all the clocks I still have in my life! Sad, isn’t it?

      1. Funny, I actually started on Blogger in November of 2008 but found getting help to be a bit of a nightmare. WordPress had a much friendlier “newbie” experience! 😀

      2. I came here from Blogger. I forget how long ago that was. Probably the first year WP started up. And was on Xanga before Blogger. Copied everything over to WP rather than just abandon the old posts.

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