None so blind

3 thoughts on “None so blind”

  1. Yeah, it’s hard to “understand” when one doesn’t listen to what’s being said, eh?

    With love, El Seethee Reconquistador
    And which of us wasn’t listening?

  2. And some sign off, “Peace. Cheers! With Love” – I find that most amusing. Aack! That was exhausting! I’ve had this happen to, being attacked for having an opinion and trying to understand the other side. Especially when the other side makes NO sense whatsoever. Then they become rude- rude because they are close-minded. Bottom line; Laws are important. The laws are there for that reason. You cannot bypass them- Like Steven Seagal said, “: You guys think you’re above the law… well you ain’t above mine!” *snort* I’ll have to re-watch that movie again… now that I think of it. That had nothing to do with anything, but I thought it was funny!
    It’s so damned easy to misunderstand comments on the Internet; you miss all the tonality, inflection, facial expression, etc. He was pretty clear, though. All I can say is copping an attitude is not the way to change people’s minds. Ironic that he can spew all he wants, and his right to do it is protected by law in this country. (I could ask him if he was taught to respect his elders, but I don’t want to think of myself as one just yet.)

  3. I had plenty of respect for you. Just none for your argument, which was incoherent. Attitude has nothing to do with it.
    I wasn’t making an argument. I was asking why you don’t distinguish between legal and illegal immigration. I came away believing you and Kai think there is no such thing as illegal immigration; all Latinos have a right to come to the US whenever they want because their ancient ancestors inhabited the Americas before mine did; illegal Mexican immigration into the US is somehow the fault of the US government; and borders shouldn’t exist, particularly if they inconvenience anyone.

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