Day One at the dog park

3 thoughts on “Day One at the dog park”

  1. Awww! Sounds like she might just need to get used to the experience. She sure sounds like a sweet pooch, though.
    I’m going to try again some weekday morning when I’m hoping there will just be one or two other dogs there. Maybe even no other dogs, so she can thoroughly explore the area without being bothered.

  2. Your dog is so pretty! Sounds like a great time regardless. You got her out of the house and onto something new and bigger! Good for you both. I was terrified the first time I brought Cozmo to the dog park. I have to be honest, not long ago, Bella was attacked by a big dog at the dog park and it really frazzled me. Zach tried to rescue her but this big dog had her back paw in his mouth and was trying to pull her from his arms by her paw 🙁

    My brother has two big dogs like yours and he thinks I’m a spaz. I guess if that makes me a spaz, than I’m guilty!

    I’ve discovered that at the smaller parks, the owners do not watch their dogs so much, which can be very dangerous especially if they are aggressive. But at the bigger parks where you have to stick with your dog or they’d get lost, those seem to work out best for us because there is always an owner with their dog along the way.

    I hope Annie gets more and more use to it as time goes on !!! xoxxoxo
    Both of us need to get used to it, I think. I’m sure she picked up on my concern — always worrying about fights breaking out and my dog getting hurt. “Park” is a misnomer though; it’s just a big fenced field. Nothing as beautiful as the one you’ve posted pics of. I’d kill for a park like that!

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