Gaming grandma

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    1. Heh. It’s never been a secret. But I’m nowhere near the grandmother I read about (last year?) who is a guildmaster, umpteenth level wizard or whatever her class is, and is known by most people who play World of Warcraft. My guess is my visitor was looking for her.

    1. Dawnguard seems to have become nothing more than repeated, miscellaneous quests, so I guess I finished it. I started Hearthfire, but I’ve never been much into building homes in games because I don’t do much crafting — which is the main reason to have a house. (That’s why I still live in Whiterun. No good reason to go through all the hassle of moving to another place.) Unless there’s more to it than just building a house and adopting an orphan. If there is, then I may well go back to it at some point. I also have Assassin’s Creed II sitting on the shelf and have done little more so far than load it and roll a character.

    1. Some character classes in some games get pets they can control. I’ve played characters that could tame wild animals (like a tiger) who would then guard them, attack an enemy on command, etc. The first Borderlands had a character with a hawklike bird that could be ordered to attack. The class that’s to come on the 16th will have some kind of robot buddy/pet. That doesn’t sound nearly as appealing to me as an animal.

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