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Alarming NYT photo from Texas

Ilana Panich-Linsman for The New York Times

The New York Times “Evening Briefing” last night featured this photo with a story about the ongoing winter weather disaster in Texas. I hope desperately that it was staged, because very obvious in the foreground is a small charcoal grill — a perfect carbon monoxide generator. Charcoal grills must NEVER be used indoors for this very reason.

Also, in freezing weather, you’d want those curtains covering that glass door as snugly as possible to retain heat and keep out cold. But that wouldn’t make much of a picture, would it? And why isn’t that woman wearing a coat or some kind of extra layer of clothing?

I count five people in the photo, five lives in real danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. And if the photo was staged, there should have been accompanying text explaining this is an example of what NOT to do in freezing weather.


  1. Yes the Senator of TX left for Cancun last night. Supposedly returning today, but what about a negative COVID test for flying? Quarantine time? He never should have left, regardless if all his work is done via computer/phone. He should have sent his family on and stayed behind. When your state is in a state of emergency – especially as bad as TX is in right now. Yet, he’ll be re-elected next time around, I’m sure. I saw the photo last night of him sneaking off come across Twitter. I was all over Twitter last night when the first photo hit, like room-temp butter on bread.


  2. I think I saw that there were few deaths from charcoal grills and generators running inside as well as the car running in the garage

    Sadly happens every time a large disaster happens

    We can hope the photographer explained the safety problem to the family


  3. Why the hell didn’t he stay? He’ll probably just frack everything up worse.
    Kinda like those dumb Repub politicians who keep blaming the green energy for the failures.
    (not enough forehead for the mother of all facepalms, but screaming into a pillow might work).


    • With no power, what else would they cook on? Or use for heat? I don’t recall if coals smoke if there isn’t grease dripping on them. Maybe someone had already warned them not to use that grill indoors. I do know I’d have been wearing a coat or jacket or blanket or all of them!


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