Political silly season hits new high with Obama seal

Just when we thought the political silly season couldn’t get any sillier, it did. At a campaign event Friday, June 20, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama appeared behind a podium bearing a new campaign emblem. Talk about a “groaner.”

The seal bears a striking resemblence to the official U.S. presidential seal, except that the shield in front of the eagle has been changed to Obama’s campaign logo. And if that weren’t bad enough, the familiar Latin “E Pluribus Unum” (“From many, one”) has been replaced with “Vero Possumus,” or “Truly, we are able.”

Bloggers immediately dubbed it Obama’s “opossum” seal, and the jokes have been coming non-stop all weekend. Had this not been reported by legitimate news sources, I’d have assumed it was part of a Saturday Night Live skit. The SNL folks are probably kicking themselves for not thinking of it first.

Oy, even as a college marketing student, I’d have known not to do something this ridiculous.

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4 thoughts on “Political silly season hits new high with Obama seal

  1. Oh my gawd, I’m sorry but that is hilarious. Maybe he should rethink the 75 marketing people he recently hired? I just can’t stop laughing.
    Pretty pathetic, isn’t it? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s just so … embarrassing!

  2. But this emblem could be successful. Obama has had a lot of support from people who would otherwise be heard saying that they don’t like politics. Up to now the campaigns have been running on likes and dislikes.

    Obama could say : “Let’s get beyond politics and advance all together towards a common future free of the hassle that politics bring to our lives.” I think the people of my family there, most of them with engineering background, would agree.
    Obama has been saying that all along. That’s the “change” and the future he’s been talking about. This particular emblem was withdrawn immediately because of its widespread negative reception. He should stick with the logo he started with, the big “O” with the rising sun.

  3. He’s been saying that all along! Since when? I ask because I thought you were one of his supporters. Can’t believe you would not see the implications of moving “beyond politics and all that”?

    However, I also think it is the future, but, unlike Nietzsche who said that if it is bound to fall, you should also push it, I think things that can be accelerated can also be slowed down, which might be of use to those who need to do some packing and maybe get a new passport or ID kit.
    His main campaign slogan has always been “Change you can believe in.” He means change away from the “good old boy” politics, the old way of doing things, the crippling partisanship, the cowboy diplomacy. I see that as a good and worthwhile goal for the nation.

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